Clinimed Aesthetics clinic


Chemical Peels Price
Neostrata Glycolic Peel R650.00
Neostrata Retinol Peel R950.00
Mesoesthetic Jessner Peel R750.00
Mesoesthetic Azelan Peel R700.00
Mesoeshetic Melanostop R750.00
Biomedical Glycolic Peel R650.00
Biomedical Complexion Peel R680.00
Biomedical lactic Peel R650.00
Hyluronic Peel R800.00

Microneedling Price
Face R1350.00
Face and Neck R1600.00
Face, neck and Decolette R1800.00
Stretchmarks R1500.00
Hands R1350.00

Microchanneling Price
Kojic Acid R1700.00
GSM R1800.00
Glycolic R1800.00
Retinol Q10 R1700.00
Sebarrhoeic acid R1700.00
Glutatherapy R1700.00
Fibroblast GF/combinant R1800.00
Complexion Peel R1700.00
Skin perfusion R1700.00

Oxygen Facials Price
Oxygen facial 45min R1700.00
Oxygen facial & Melanostop peel 45min R2000.00

Threads Price
Nano excellence 10u(Aptos ) R8000.00
Nano spring 2u (Aptos) R2500.00
Light lift linea 10u(Aptos) R10 000.00
Visage excellence classic (Aptos) R18 0000.00
Princess threads (PDO) R3000.00

LED Light Therapy Price
20Min session R400.00
Combined with treatment R250.00

Non-Surgical face lift Price
Neurotoxin(per unit) R100.00
Frowns R2500.00
Forehead R2500.00
Crown Feet R1200.00

Derma Filler Price
Vorbella R3500.00
Tear through eyes R3400.00

Hair Restoration Price
Hair Fillers R1800.00


Weight Loss Price
HCG R1800.00

Lipolytic Treatment 

Cecceralli Injections per session

MIC R1600.00
Faradic per area R300.00
Full package monthly supply R2500.00

IV Drip Bar Price
Glowing skin R950.00
Energy Booster R1035.00
Immune Booster R1400.00
Myers cocktail R1800.00
Sleep TIme R850.00
Libido R1200.00