General Healthcare

At Clinimed, we believe that every patient has the right to quality medical care. That’s why our experienced and qualified doctors and staff will ensure that you receive the best medical care you deserve.

Whether you need dental care, an eye test, laboratory and diagnostic care, or nutritional support, we are here for you. As one of the best general healthcare South Africa, we will tailor our services to suit your personal medical needs.

So if you are looking for doctors near me, you can come to our clinic as we have the best doctors as well as modern medical equipment that enable us to offer quality health care.


Our services:

Dental care

We all know how dental health is crucial. That’s why we can help you have great oral health. Whether you need teeth cleaning/whitening, oral hygiene tips, teeth filling, or dental x-ray services, we got you covered. Our goal at Clinimed is to give you that brighter smile you deserve.


At Clinimed, our eye specialist can diagnose and treat various conditions and diseases of the eye. Other than correcting eyesight defects, our eye specialist can also dispense and prescribe different contact lenses. We are prepared to work with you to understand and meet your eye care needs.



The lab forms a crucial part of Clinimed Clinic. It is run by a highly qualified and dedicated team of technologists, phlebotomists, and support staff. Our laboratory services are provided in a modern facility equipped with modern automated pieces of equipment that are properly maintained. Our staff at the lab ensures the accuracy and precision of tests.

Nutrition support

Good nutrition is a crucial part of health and development. At Clinimed, we know that good nutrition not only lowers risks of diseases but can also improve your health. That’s why our nutritionists will offer you nutritional advice that can help you make lifestyle changes that are good for your health. Whether it is nutrition education, planning and developing healthy habits, or follow-up care for long-term nutritional needs, Clinimed got your back!