Optometry Services

At Clinimed, we offer optometry services to our patients. Our optometrists are qualified to examine your eyes, detect, and diagnose and manage vision problems, as well as assess your eye health. During your eye test, our optometrist will use modern specialized equipment to assess your visual acuity, in simple terms, how well and clearly you can see. The doctor will also assess the general health of your eyes to detect any symptoms or signs of eye disease.

Other than that, our optometrist can prescribe contact lenses or glasses and even advise you on how you can manage several aspects of your eye health, including how you can protect your eyes from eyestrain and injury.

At Clinimed, we specialize in eye care for the whole family. So whether it is you or your child who is having issues with the eyes, we are here for you. Our goal is to enhance your vision.

Our Eye Care Services

Our eye care service is staffed with experienced and qualified optometrists and opticians with expertise in:

  • Vision therapy
  • Comprehensive eye exams for both adults and children
  • Detection of eye problems and diseases
  • Treatment for common eye diseases, such as cataracts and glaucoma
  • Medications to treat eye conditions and disorders
  • Care for eye injury
  • Contact lens fitting and service
  • Low vision exams and consultations

When to see our Optometrist

When you need a routine eye examination or get fitted for contracts or lenses, you should come to our clinic and have the exams or contact fitting done by our experienced optometrist. If your eyes are itchy or you feel as if your vision is a bit blurred, you should visit us as soon as possible. Our doctor will do an eye test to detect any condition or disorder responsible for the blurred vision.

Even if you don’t have an eye problem, chronic illnesses, or family history of eye disease, we recommend routine eye exams after every two years.