Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a common condition that can affect both men and women. There are different causes of hair loss which range from hereditary hair loss which happens in both genders. This common cause of hair loss happens with aging also. Lack of vitamin D in the body can also lead to hair loss. The function of vitamin D in the body is to stimulate new and old hair follicle.

Traction of the hair mainly due to braiding, and dreadlocks. Some hair products can lead to hair loss. Medical conditions such as tinea capitis can lead to hair loss. Our treatment protocols involves package of treatments which range from microneedling sessions, mesotherapy and a procedure called PRP.


We offer different types of hair solutions :

Executive hair solution

This is ideal for patients with severe hair loss

Hair & scalp preparation                                             R250

Drawing of blood and preparation of PRP                 R1200

Injected Mesotherapy using the PRP by the Dr         R4500

1ml hair growth factor                                                R350


Premium Hair Rejuvenation

Hair and Scalp                                                          R270

Drawing of blood and preparation of PRP               R1200

Needling using PRP                                                 R3000

1ml Hair growth serum                                             R350


Advanced Hair rejuvenation

Hair &scalp preparation                                    R250

Injection with Hair filler                                     R2800

5ml Hair growth factor                                      R1200


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