Medical checkups

Medical checkups are crucial, regardless of the state of your health or age. You should go for routine medical check-ups. The reason why we at Clinimed advocate for regular check-ups is because getting checked by our qualified and experienced doctor even when you are feeling healthy can help detect health problems early.

And once the problem has been identified, our doctor will help identify the right treatment, which will leave you feeling not only happy but will also give you a healthy and longer life. So if you are looking for medical check-ups near me, we at Clinimed will offer you an extensive medical check-up.


Of course, it is worth noting that your age, family history, health, and lifestyle play an essential role in how often you should go for check-ups. Do not wait until you feel unwell before you pay us a visit for what should be a routine examination.

Why should you book regular check-ups with us?

Of course, through the routine check-up, we will be able to detect health problems at an early stage before they develop into something severe. In addition to that, you will be able to prevent health problems from becoming chronic, hence saving you money.

What are some of the tests we will carry out during your medical check-up?

Here are some tests we conduct at Clinimed:

Blood pressure: to see if it is too high, too low, or normal

Cholesterol: this is done to check if your LDL [bad cholesterol] is high, which can expose you to heart diseases.