Screening and Medical Tests

At Clinimed, we offer screening and medical tests for our patients. We know how important a screening test is and that is why we have a team of health experts who will ensure that the tests are as accurate as possible.

Our goal is to detect any health disorder early to prevent it from becoming a serious thing and to treat it in the most effective way. So if you are looking for the best medical screening Cape Town, we are here for you.


What makes our screening helpful?

What makes our screening test valuable is its ability to detect any potential health problems while minimizing the risk of disease. With early detection, we can prevent any disease detected from becoming a chronic disease. While screening tests are sometimes not 100% accurate, it is equally beneficial to have the screening tests done by healthcare professionals such as Clinimed.


Screening and medication tests available at our clinic

At Clinimed, some of the screening tests we offer include:

  • Cholesterol screening
  • Pap test [Pap Smears]
  • Mammography
  • Diabetes
  • HIV test
  • Covid test